How It Works

Any part of the process can be accomplished via phone or email -- chose whichever is most convienent for you!
Initial Consultation
  • Typically Lasts 20 minutes
  • Answer any questions you might have
  • Receive payment if you have not already paid
Author Assignment
  • Discussion of your particular needs
  • Match you up with an author
Initial Interview
  • Typically lasts between 30 min - 1 hour
  • Discussion of any expectations
  • Exploration of memories and themes
Repeat the revision process until your satisfied with your eulogy.
Receipt of Draft
  • Sent to your email
  • Typically between 24-48 hours, depending on your time line
Follow-up Discussion
  • Takes place through a phone call or email
  • Discussion of any revisions that are needed
  • Make plans for another draft, if needed
Speech Delivery Coaching
  • Optional coaching available
  • Advice on delivery and funeral poise

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Let Eulogy Consultants take on the burden of writing a eulogy.
You'll be matched with a professional writer who will help you every step of the way.

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